A blog about healing and a journey to find it. My name is Hilary, I’m married, have 3 little girls and am figuring out a new version of myself since the pandemic has seemed to turn EVERYTHING we have known on its head.

I am so very interested in pursuing healing in my own life and pray you may find healing in yours as well.

Come along as I share my journey!

My Latest Posts

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  • Fear
    Noun. An unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous., likely to cause pain, or a threat. I find fear to be paralyzing, confusing, and disorienting.…More
  • Ruminating
    How about something a little different? My good friend Tanya recently shared some advice with me that was so good I responded with “YOU should start blogging!” Someone else chimed…More
  • Pain
    The other day I was on my feet for a handful of hours, helping at a funeral. I had found some new black flat shoes at the local thrift store…More
  • Healing
    Last Sunday I had the privilege of teaching “kids church” (aka Sunday School). The lesson for that week was the story of when Jesus healed the synagogue leader Jairus’ daughter,…More
  • Fire.
    Summertime! So much opportunity for us in the frozen north to get out and DO things! I traveled on a bit of an adventure back in June to the Boundary…More
  • Changed my mind.
    I recently learned a new phrase. “I renounce my agreement with (whatever lie from the pit of hell I had been believing.)” And then, I was encouraged to verbalize what…More
  • Empathy.
    The other night, I was just plain sad. Feeling really burdened and weighed down by the weight of the world. Struggling. I was awake in the middle of the night,…More
  • Hurt.
    Does God cause hurt? Pain, suffering? He is in control of everything, right? Why does he let poverty-stricken nations be destroyed by hurricanes? He is in control, but also allows…More
  • Change.
    In thinking about the last two years of our collective human experience, I am left speechless. Then I sat down and found quite a few words to share. We have…More
  • Here, Mama.
    Disclaimer:  Hey friend, motherhood is one of the most painful subjects I can think of. I hesitated to share about it because I know many of you have an immense…More

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